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Best Free Legal Resources Online

  • Online Legal Glossary - Great for looking up and understanding legal terms.
  • Library of Congress - The Law Library of Congress website contains huge amounts of information as well as links to helpful sites.
  • Attorney reviews - Check out and review Attorney's in your city. A great site to look for a lawyer, if you have no where else to look.
  • Free legal forms - Get access to basic legal forms. You can print them out or just copy and paste.
  • Findlaw - A great all around legal resource.
  • State Laws - You have free unlimited access to review all your states laws on the internet.
  • Free Consultations - Many lawyers will let you talk to them initially for free to go over the basics of your case, answer any legal questions and see if you actually have a legitimate case.
  • Legal blogs - aka blawgs - Stay up to date on legal news and happenings.
  • Yahoo Answers - You can get answers to general questions at Yahoo Answers.
  • New York Public Library - Although New York Public Library researchers cannot provide legal advice, they are a good reference. Anyone from anywhere can go online or call (212) 340-0849 and ask just about any question to the library researchers.
  • Attorney General - Your state's Attorney General office offers great information and assistance.
  • Your Local Library - Your local library's website usually will have references to local legal assistance and resources.
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